Amplify Your Expertise Online!

We help small businesses create video, graphic, and written content from your voice and perspective.

Purity Of Voice

Purity Of Voice

Our process ensures we stay true to your voice and style in all social media content we create.

Grows With You

Grows With You

If you want to start small to test us out, it’s easy to increase how much content we create for you!

Easy To Engage

Easy To Engage

Our process allows you to focus on your business AND have a strong social media presence.

Content Creation Can Feel Overwhelming:

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It Takes Time.

As a business owner, to have accurate and authentic content, you had to do it all yourself, which is extremely time-consuming.

It Takes Effort.

Content creation takes time, but the energy and effort needed to prepare your message, voice, and content strategy is added to that.

It Takes Expertise.

Your audience is savvy, and it takes experts to understand the type of content that is going to connect with them.  We are those experts.

Ready To Engage People More Online?

Let's have a conversation about how we can help you reach your goals!

Our Services

Social Media Video Package


Social Media Content Package


  • Story Consult For Conversation
  • 1 20-Minute Video Conversation
  • Full Conversation Video, Branded
  • 4 :60 Video Clips From Conversation
  • Social Media Strategy Consult
  • 16 Graphic & Written Posts
  • 4 Video Clips With Post Text
  • Strategy Guide For Using Your Content
  • •••••

Social Media Membership

$1,500 / Month

  • Story Consult For Conversation
  • Social Media Strategy Consult
  • 4 In-Studio Video Conversations
  • 4 Full Length Videos
  • 140 Graphic & Written Posts
  • 16 Video Posts With Post Text
  • Posting 3X Per Week
  • Monthly Analytics Report
  • All Deliverables Are Per Year

Your Expertise, Amplified

Amplify Your Expertise

"Amplifying expertise online" refers to the practice of presenting and promoting your knowledge, experience, and benefits online with the aim of establishing a strong online presence and reputation.

In the current digital era, it is crucial to have a strong online presence if you want to stand out from the crowd and connect with your target audience. By positioning yourself as a thought leaders and subject matter experts in your industry, it will help you gain credibility and your audience's confidence.

At Story Catcher Studio, we become your content creation partner, not just a company or freelancer creating content for you.  That means that the video, graphic, and written content we create will be on brand, and in your voice...from your perspective.

Conversations To Content (Our Process)

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Story And Strategy Consult

Story & Strategy Consult

We'll meet to discuss your brand story, goals, and target audience. We'll use this information to develop customized conversations and a social media strategy that will effectively reach your desired audience and achieve their goals. 

Studio Conversations

Video Session

We will have a podcast-style conversation, either online or in person, that allows you to share your experience, knowledge, and the benefits of your brand.  We'll record and transcribe this conversation, which will serve as the basis for every piece of content we create for you.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Using the transcribed conversation from our video session, we'll create a variety of social media content, including video clips, written posts, social media updates, and graphics. Our process ensures that all content is on brand and effectively communicates your unique voice and perspective.

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